This page is about the main threat in the cure that killed these are zombies

About them

Zombies are the main threat in The Cure That Killed they seem to be slow attackers they try to bite and eat humans for food. Zombies are human who have recently died or have been infected with the infection. If a survivor is bitten usually they will begin to throw up and get very sick they will then soon die and eventually will turn into another zombie

How The Apocalypse Started

When a disease hit Peter Jones and Drake Harrison town which made people get very sick and witch would eventually kill people the government and the disease control wanted to exterminate the disease as soon as possible so they released a cure for people who got the disease ( mainly females and adult males ). After a week people who took the cure began to died and soon turned into Zombies. This why the show is called the cure that Killed.

People Who Have Turned

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Noteable Zombies

This is for all the zombies that have not been named and are shown in the cure that killed

Zombie 1

zombie 1