Episode 1 season 1

Peter and Drake

This is is first ever episode of the cure that killed in this episode we learn how drake and Peter started to gather up a group


The episode opens with scrolling text read by Peter Jones. It reads "Diseases. We always find a cure for them but this time something went wrong when a virus struck my town they were desperate to find a cure this didn't make the zombies the virus just killed people made them cough up blood and turned there skin pale and peal off but they had to find a cure but the cure was bad it didn't help the cure made the zombies everyone took it and a week later it started luckily the disease didn't effect male children like me so any one under 18 wasn't injected with the cure near enough every adult and female died and they turned into them. The zombies. Viscous demonds they tear flesh from people's bones they eat away your organs and what Evers left will turn into one of them. You can't get bit you see our bodies the people who weren't injected with the cure can't fight it off and we just turn if you bit. You can't get bit I now this confusing but its the only way to explain it I'm Peter and I'm trying my best I survived for 4 weeks now this is the story of life in the zombie world"

After the opening credits

Character Deaths

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