Peter Jones
Actor Jack Henry William Fiddy
Gender Male
Age 12-13

First Appearance 1x01: You Have To Kill It
Last Appearance N/A
Hair Black

Status Alive

"I'm scared, I don't want to"
—Peter to Drake telling him he's too scared to kill a zombie

Peter is one of the main characters for the cure that killed who is portrayed as a less stronger character but never the less he has a massive influence on the series

Before the apocalypse

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Season 1

"Episode 1: You Have To Kill It"

When the episode starts peter explains the apocalypse with scrolling credits he reads " to be added "

After opening credits Peter is seen holding a Yellow Bat. Drake is trying to convince Peter to kill a zombie which is lying on the floor. Peter seems to be too scared to do it and he explains that he saw his friend get killed. Drake soon convinces him to kill the zombie he takes a deep breath in and begins to beat the zombies head in. He is then seen covered in blood and asks drake his name.......

"Episode 2: A Month Gone By

Peter appears in this episode

"Episode 3"

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"Episode 4"

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"Episode 5"

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Killed Victims

Numerous counts of zombies

Peter has killed a selection of zombies even know he is sometimes scared too


Drake Harrision

Peter met drake just before the show starts he seems to respect drake and follows his rules.

Scott Wilson

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Bandit C

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Bandit A

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Weapons Used

Yellow Cricket Bat

When the episode starts Peter Jones is seen using the bat against a zombie after he kills the zombie with the bat it is seen covered in blood Peter is seen holding the bat when they look for food


Peter is played by Jack Fiddy

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Extra info

  • Peter is one of the main characters though out the whole of the web series
  • his signature weapon is a Yellow Cricket Bat
  • In Episode one Peter reveals to drake he watched his friend die its unknown how Peter escaped this attack as he also revealed he's never killed a zombie before