Drake Harrison
Actor Lyell Hatch
Gender Male
Age 15

First Appearance You Have To Kill It
Last Appearance N/A
Hair Brown

Status Alive

Drake is one of the main characters in the cure that killed. He is originally from Russia but he as moved to the zombie infected town before the apocalypse started. He is portrayed as a stronger character.He is often seen as a leader and a combat fighter

Before The Apocalypse

Drake try's to keep his past secret we do know that he was born and lived in Russia for a while and he must of moved to the town Peter lived in for around a year before the apocalypse started

Season 1

"Episode 1: You Have To Kill It"

After the opening credits drake is seen with Peter and a a half dead zombie on the floor drake tells him he has to kill the zombie and keeps on trying till peter is confided and Peter beats the zombies head in. After Peter kills the zombie he asks Drake his name, Drake replays "call me drake"

"Episode 2: A Month Gone By"

Peter appears in this episode

"Episode 3"

To be added

"Episode 4"

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Killed Victims

Numerous counts of Zombies

Drake seems to be stable when killing zombies this could mean he's does it often


Peter Jones

He seems to quite like Peter as a friend he also guides him a lot with killing zombies.

Scott Wilson

Drake seems to like Scott even though they had a slight feud with each other in episode 1. They got on quite well in episode one especially when they went looking for supplies with each other

Weapons used

To Be Added


Drake Harrison is played by Lyell Hatch

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Extra Info

  • Drake seems to hide his past a lot it's unknown why